Five Important Tips for Playing Roulette

Roulette Tip 1

Make sure you pick a reputable online casino where you can play roulette. It is important because the biggest and most known online casinos or betting platforms offer an environment that is safe and trustworthy for their members. Also, keep in mind that the reputable betting platforms run their casino games with software to ensure fairness like the Random Number Generators. Another big aspect is that the biggest casinos publish their payouts, while untrustworthy ones don’t do that.

Roulette Tip 2

Determine the exact amount you want to spend at playing roulette. This way you will know not to spend more money gambling, but minimise the amounts lost. Bet amounts that you afford to lose. Playing roulette with this awareness is a more responsible way to gamble. The temptation to bet more will probably be there, so learn when to stop.

Roulette Tip 3

Another tip for online roulette is to use the Martingale strategy. This is a very well known strategy by most of the roulette players and it basically means to double up the amount bet each time you lose and then bet on the same colour until you win. The wheel will land your colour inevitably, but you don’t know when. This means that you must have enough money to bet in order to be able to afford to double up each time.

Roulette Tip 4

Try the James Bond roulette strategy. This strategy involves betting a total amount of $200, distributed as $10 on zero, $50 on the six numbers (13-18) and $140 on the high numbers (19-36). This increases your chances of winning by spreading out your bets.

Roulette Tip 5

Withdraw your earnings as soon as you can. If you started betting with $50 in your online account and at the end of your gambling session you have tripled your initial amount, then withdraw your $100 and keep it safe. It may not be like this all the time, but withdrawing consistently you minimise the losses and at least break even, if not make a profit.