The Worst Sports Theme Video Games Ever Made

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Video game studios have become huge corporations, and a lot more funds are now invested in creating and advertising AAA titles. However, this was not always the case and a lot of games were made on a hunch that they will be well received. So, one can say that a great number of game studios made the wrong bet with some of their titles. But unlike placing a bet with 888sport Bonus Code India, which is fun, betting on these games was an utter disaster. It would be fun to take a stroll down the memory lane and remind ourselves of those deeply flawed games. 

NFL Head Coach

Let’s be fair here, there are plenty of games that allow you to simply call shots and let your in-game characters perform them automatically. However those are not exactly sports games, they are either some sort of strategies or management-type games.

You cannot take out football from the football game and hope people will see it as innovative and engaging. 

The reason why players love NFL games is to show off and hone their joypad skills and reflexes, in other words, they are well received because they are skill-based games. By making NFL Head Coach a game where the player simply gives instructions to the players, you are just setting yourself up for a disaster. 

Mutant League Hockey

We know that hockey is a rough sport and that there is occasional violent fighting between the players, but at its core, it is still a sport with rules and regulations. If you amp up the fighting aspect of it things really get weird. It’s hard to say what was the intended player base for this game because neither players who love hockey nor players who like fighting games like it. It’s simple anarchy where you beat up the opposing team and try to score at the same time. 

Michael Phelps: Push the Limit

Kinect was quite an innovation at the time of its release and people were really hyped about the fact that they could move the in-game character using personal motor skills. Even though it ended up being really fun for some dancing games and exercise games, for a lot of other titles it was simply lame. It seems like developers were mainly testing the limits of the device and making games just for the sake of being Kinect games. This is probably the main reason why Michael Phelps: Push the Limit is anything but fun. You are just repeating the same moves over and over and sweating in your living room, for an overall unsatisfying game. 

Mega Man Soccer

A very confusing decision from Capcom developers to say the least. Why was this game created? Was there an indication that football fans like Mega Men? Was there an indication that Mega Man players also like sports games or football in particular? It’s really hard to discern the reasoning behind this decision but one way or another we got a terrible soccer game. The in-game characters were quite sluggish, and the action was over-crowded for anyone to figure out what is going on. 

Ashes Cricket 2013

This is one of the biggest disasters in the gaming industry as a whole, not just as a sports game. The game was filled with bugs and was really bad graphics-wise compared to other games released at that time. The game was pulled back from the store players got a refund, and any future Cricket games were canceled. It’s hard to name a game that had such disastrous effects just a few days after release.

Are Strategy Games Still Popular?

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Games that involve some type of military tactics are usually referred to as strategy games. Typically players here manage their resources, build their base of operations and army, and also have to expand their domain and/or conquer other enemies. These games used to be really popular and have gradually evolved into different games to some extent. Here we will talk about the strategy games, how they changed, and try to figure out if they are still as appealing as they used to be several years ago.

Types of Strategy Games

There are two most distinguished types of strategy games, RTS or real-time strategy games, and turn-based strategy games. RTS is a strategy game where players and opponents play at the same time on different parts of the map. They need to manage their resources, build structures and units, and defeat the other player or maybe complete some other objectives. Examples of RTS games are Warcraft, Starcraft, and Red Alert.

Turn-based strategy games are a bit different. Each play has a limited amount of actions on each of their turns and they need to make the best of that turn. The goal is pretty much the same. One of the most famous turn-based strategies is Heroes of Might and Magic.

What Happened With Strategy Games

Both RTS and turn-based strategy games still have a devoted player base. However they are definitely not as popular as before, and younger audiences do not find them that appealing compared to other games. However, some of the most popular games today belong to the MOBA genre, and that came into existence thanks to RTS games.

The first MOBA game was Dota, and before we had Dota 2, the initial version was actually Warcraft 3 RTS. Players used map editors to create a brand new gaming experience that really took the world by storm, and became more successful than the original game. Another type of game that came as a result of the Warcraft 3 map editor is tower defense. This is also a sort of strategy game, only instead of conquering you are playing on the defensive and constructing different towers to eliminate waves of different enemies.

The RTS game that is still popular and even has esports competitions is Starcraft 2. It’s really a hit in Korea and they are using it to test new and advance AI that can actually learn to play and outperform real professional players.

ACROFAN, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons – cropped

Modern Strategy Games

There are different types of strategy games nowadays, and they are mostly dominating the mobile market. They really look like a mix of turn-based and RTS games but are played online and you are technically unbeatable. Players still expand their base, gather resources, raise armies and fight one another, but whenever they lose they can rebuild and start over. They can also form alliances with other players or join guilds, and participate in joint warfare, which is a really interesting way to bring strategy games closer to a more casual player base.

The Best Sports Video Games

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We all love sports, to an extent. Some love playing sports while others love watching people compete and give it their all. Some, who cannot play sports, resort to betting on sports. Online bookmakers often help in this regard, but you would have to register, filling a form like this Bet9ja Registration form. While betting on sports attracts a lot of people, it definitely isn’t for everyone. Some prefer playing video games.

Video games can be a good way of spending your down time, whether by yourself or with friends. Sports video games are often best played with people, locally or online. Here are the best sports video games at the moment. 

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater (1 and 2)

Some prefer the later Tony Hawk titles, but for most, the first and second game mark the best the skating world has. With the games getting remastered, more people are going to pick them up, because they can once again become (graphically) relevant. The gameplay has been updated, but that didn’t need much tweaking. If you like skating or have ever wanted to take it up, these two games are the ones to start with.

NBA 2K11

Some prefer the newest title in the series, but many would argue that the best basketball game is NBA 2K11, for multiple reasons. Its gameplay is great and you have access to multiple teams and legendary players. Other than graphical innovations, the newer games haven’t really brought anything significant. 


FIFA continues to improve, unlike other sports games. FIFA gets better with each iteration. Not only do they add new game modes, clubs and licenses, but they also improve the things already in the game. Play solo, or play online against friends or strangers and rank up. It is the perfect game to spend a saturday afternoon with. 

EA Sports / CC BY-SA (


This game has to be mentioned because it started everything. Released in 1972, it is a game where you control a bar and bounce a ball, with the idea of scoring a goal against your opponent who also controls a bar. Simple games are often the most fun ones.

MVP Baseball 2005

This, to this day, remains one of the best baseball games that ever hit the market. It included new changes in gameplay, namely a different pitch system. The gameplay was great, especially when you needed to run. Graphics wise, the game is obviously a bit dated, but it still holds up, especially if you ask baseball fans.


This is an oldie, but a goldie. Released in 1993 for multiple platforms of the time, the two most important ones being the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis. It is a two on two basketball game which has an actual NBA license. It is really fun, especially if you have a friend come over.

These are some of the best sports games to have ever been released. Looking forward, hopefully, we can get more great sports titles, some resurrected, others being completely new.

The Most Popular and Played Video Games of All Time

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When we talk about games we have to bear in mind there are two categories. There are games that we play on consoles, phones, and PCs, also known as video games, and games that are played in a casino. Technically both are video games but the term casino games are used to make a clear distinction. And as some players are excited to see things like Casimba bonus code or similar, other players are typically excited for sequels, new releases from iconic studios, and re-masters of classic titles. Here we will go over some of the most iconic video games that almost everyone knows, even if they are not a gamer.   


You cannot speak about video games without mentioning Tetris has been a staple title for years, it’s simple but brilliant, and anyone can enjoy the game.

There are old handheld consoles called Tetris, it can be played on your phone, and of course PC. It’s been around for so long it’s impossible to measure its player base.


Anyone who grew up during the 90s’ knows about Pacman, and how addictive that game really is. Navigate the maze, eat candies, and don’t get caught by the ghosts, once again simple and iconic just as much as Tetris.  


Sonic is such an iconic game and it’s one of the best titles you can play on your early SEGA consoles.

Sonic is so popular that new titles are released and designed up to this day, plus it also got its own movie, on top of all cartoon series. It’s known as well as Mario Brothers and just as nostalgic.  


Pokemon games have been around for years now, and even though the animated series was mainly made to promote games, it ended up becoming one of the most popular cartoons ever. We also cannot forget how Pokemon Go caught the world by storm, people all over the world were running outside with their phones chasing pokemon, despite the fact that they did not even play original games.  


When someone mentions competitive games, you probably think about FIFA, NBA, NHL, but true gamers immediately think about Counter-Strike.

It’s such a surprise that this game is popular even today, considering just how many first-person shooter titles are out there. Even though the core gameplay is the same people really enjoy it, and developers added so many different cosmetics and tweaks to the game to keep it fresh. 

World of Warcraft 

Finally, we cannot forget to mention one of the biggest MMO RPGs The World of Warcraft. Although the player base is a far cry compared to its glory days, millions of people are still playing this game. World of Warcraft was so popular at one point that it was referenced in all sorts of TV shows, and movies, as it had a base of over 12 million active players, so those references were bound to land.   

A Brief History Lessons on Video Games

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The game industry is one of the most lucrative branches of entertainment nowadays, and for a good reason. We learn through play, and having the ability to boost our cognitive skills and enjoy some top-notch aesthetics, is going to justify our expenses for purchasing games. Moreover, there are so many smartphone owners now, and apps and games that are made for phones are really accessible, so it’s easier to get into gaming now than it was a few decades ago. Considering how games have become part of our everyday lives it would be interesting to go back to the 20th century and see how it all started. 

First players

Even before computers people invented games for the purpose of entertainment, competition and learning. So it is only natural to come up with new games that are closely tied to the new available tools. The first games were designed and played in the 1950s and 60s, by the computer scientists, and these were mainly simple games and simulators that could be used for scientific experiments. 

Mainstream popularity 

The time games became more mainstream was during the 70s and 80s. It is during this period that we had arcade games as well as consoles for gaming that relied on joysticks. This period is marked by the Atari 2600, console that kids played with in front of their TV, and it clearly inspired work like Ready Player One. A few years later or during the 80s computers started getting more games, and handheld consoles started to make their appearance.

Console wars 

That’s right console wars did not start with Sony and Xbox, it actually started in the late 80s, with Sega and Nintendo. To be precise it was between the Sega Master System and NES in North America. It is around this time that we got a legendary title for Sega, Sonic the Hedgehog, and soon afterward we got some of the longest-running franchises today like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. 

Furthermore, games started to gain in popularity so much that producers decided to make live-action movies that were based on these games. So we got Mario Brothers, Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter movies. Unfortunately, apart from iconic names, these movies did not have much going for them. 

As far as the winner in the console war is concerned it was Sega, but it was not as successful in Japan, and a new war was already looming on the horizon. 

Sega vs Sony

The first main leap in gaming was going from cartridges to CD games, and that happened with the appearance of Sony Playstation. Not only did the games look more impressive, but the console was also significantly cheaper than its rival Sega Saturn. Things did not look well for Sega, and they really started to think outside the box when it comes to marketing. Probably the best thing that came out of this console skirmish were Segata Sanshiro commercials, so you are highly encouraged to check them out.

However, as it’s already clear Sony won that war and it’s one of the most popular consoles up to this day. 

Sony brought us 3D games, which really revolutionized the game design for all future generations. If you think about it, the joypads are really similar to the first ones, with some tweaks and additions here and there, but it proves that the core design was spot on. 

You probably know the rest consoles started getting better, graphics started to get more amazing with each passing year, and PC was the number one platform for FPS games and MMO RPGs.