The Most Popular and Played Video Games of All Time

When we talk about games we have to bear in mind there are two categories. There are games that we play on consoles, phones, and PCs, also known as video games, and games that are played in a casino. Technically both are video games but the term casino games are used to make a clear distinction. And as some players are excited to see things like Casimba bonus code or similar, other players are typically excited for sequels, new releases from iconic studios, and re-masters of classic titles. Here we will go over some of the most iconic video games that almost everyone knows, even if they are not a gamer.   


You cannot speak about video games without mentioning Tetris has been a staple title for years, it’s simple but brilliant, and anyone can enjoy the game.

There are old handheld consoles called Tetris, it can be played on your phone, and of course PC. It’s been around for so long it’s impossible to measure its player base.


Anyone who grew up during the 90s’ knows about Pacman, and how addictive that game really is. Navigate the maze, eat candies, and don’t get caught by the ghosts, once again simple and iconic just as much as Tetris.  


Sonic is such an iconic game and it’s one of the best titles you can play on your early SEGA consoles.

Sonic is so popular that new titles are released and designed up to this day, plus it also got its own movie, on top of all cartoon series. It’s known as well as Mario Brothers and just as nostalgic.  


Pokemon games have been around for years now, and even though the animated series was mainly made to promote games, it ended up becoming one of the most popular cartoons ever. We also cannot forget how Pokemon Go caught the world by storm, people all over the world were running outside with their phones chasing pokemon, despite the fact that they did not even play original games.  


When someone mentions competitive games, you probably think about FIFA, NBA, NHL, but true gamers immediately think about Counter-Strike.

It’s such a surprise that this game is popular even today, considering just how many first-person shooter titles are out there. Even though the core gameplay is the same people really enjoy it, and developers added so many different cosmetics and tweaks to the game to keep it fresh. 

World of Warcraft 

Finally, we cannot forget to mention one of the biggest MMO RPGs The World of Warcraft. Although the player base is a far cry compared to its glory days, millions of people are still playing this game. World of Warcraft was so popular at one point that it was referenced in all sorts of TV shows, and movies, as it had a base of over 12 million active players, so those references were bound to land.