Gravity Pods 2.0 Level Editor Preview

One of the most requested features for Gravity Pods 2.0 is a level editor so people can create their own levels, or just make setups to fool around with. This is something I had in mind from the start, but it is quite an involved project, so all the levels for the first version were created by hand-editing xml files. But a visual editor is definitely in store for version 2.0. Here’s a preview of it in action:

As you can see, there are already a couple other new features, such as a movable gun, and the ability to aim the gun using the mouse (probably the second biggest feature request). Still lots of work to do, such as the placing of the target and the various fixed pods. There will even be new types of pods, and … other things in there.

I’ll actually be using this editor to create all the levels for version 2.0, and hope to even have many of the levels created by someone(s) other than me. So if you are interested, let me know, and when things are further along, maybe you can help out. It’s also totally my intention to release the editor so others can make their own levels to play themselves or share with others. Hopefully we’ll get some kind of system up here so you can upload your levels and share them with the world. Voting, contests, prizes, who knows?