Wow, what a launch!

So I launched Wicked Pissah Games late Sunday night. I don’t think more than a few people saw it til Monday. As of mid-morning, I was a little disappointed. Then suddenly things exploded. By early afternoon it was on the front page of Digg and now has over 1300 diggs. On the digg comment page, there are almost 100 comments, with people posting cheats, screen shots, hacks, and bugs. Dozens of blogs and other sites have reviewed and linked to the game. My favorite comment so far is, “I made it to level 13, and proceeded to punch myself in the nuts until I got up from the computer and walked away.” As a developer trying to make an addicting game, you don’t get much better feedback than that. 🙂

One of my recent favorite sites, Jay Is Games did a full review on the game. Traffic has spiked out of control. Luckily I have a terabyte of bandwidth per month, so I’m safe there. On the business front, I’ve gotten a couple of requests to license the game, and my Google ad revenue has increased by about 100x. Not bad for the first couple days!

A lot of people have posted various issues with the game, such as the aiming mechanism going out of control (the only real “bug” I see) and other improvement suggestions. I’ll definitely be looking into all these, along with some ideas of my own and putting out a next version. I’ve also been thinking of making a visual level editor and have other people contribute to making the levels. Oh, and I can’t forget to make some other games as well. Many ideas in my head, a few started on, a few still brewing.

So thanks for all the support. Keep the suggestions coming.