Why is Witcher III So Iconic?

As iconic games go, you can mention a couple of franchises off the top of your head, like Starcraft, Final Fantasy, Counter Strike, Fallout, Elder Scrolls and they all have a huge history of being relevant in the scene.

What happens when a newcomer, relatively speaking, comes in and breaks the world of video games, with sales and reviews, a great story and complex, intertwined choice-based system. Well, we all enjoy a great game and replay it multiple times, until we learn the dialogs and choices by heart.

The Witcher III is an iconic game, but what makes it iconic? Let us try to demystify it.

A Complex System of Choices and Consequences

You cannot be the good guy. Whatever you do, the world will be unhappy with it. You help a spirit, a village suffers, you don’t help a spirit, children suffer. It is a complex game where the choices you make at the start and the order you do quests reflects on the later game, specifically the dialog and what Geralt says and how he interacts with the world around him.

Choices matter, but sometimes, your choices lead to things people will be unhappy with. The lesson behind this is that you can’t please everybody, and that people will always have their own preferences. It also fits perfectly with the dark world of the Witcher universe.

Geralt is a Great Character

With all the hmms of Henry Cavill, people who haven’t played the games or read the books consider Geralt to be a relatively silent character. However, in the Witcher III, he is pretty talkative, and can be ridiculously witty, using his dry humor to make us laugh or annoy the in-game characters.

Geralt is also a character of his own, not somebody you can really re-shape much. Unlike other RPG-s, where your character can do everything, Geralt is more or less always Geralt, which is a great thing.

The Atmosphere – Graphics and Music Equals Great Storytelling

Not all games have great storytelling. Take most modern Assassin’s Creed games where you go on fetch quests most of the time, and grind by defeating enemies. In the Witcher III, the camera angles and music can turn a silly quest such as getting an old lady’s frying pan into an unforgettable experience.

The score is a piece of work of its own, up there with some of the greatest game soundtracks like those of the Elder Scrolls, Zelda, Chrono Trigger, NieR Automata.

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt is a very memorable game, so much so that people prefer it years later over more modern releases from the same company (looking at you, Cyberpunk 2077).

It has many things going for it, from the soundtrack, the visuals, the storytelling and all the minute details which gamers appreciate.