Why is Witcher III So Iconic?

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As iconic games go, you can mention a couple of franchises off the top of your head, like Starcraft, Final Fantasy, Counter Strike, Fallout, Elder Scrolls and they all have a huge history of being relevant in the scene.

What happens when a newcomer, relatively speaking, comes in and breaks the world of video games, with sales and reviews, a great story and complex, intertwined choice-based system. Well, we all enjoy a great game and replay it multiple times, until we learn the dialogs and choices by heart.

The Witcher III is an iconic game, but what makes it iconic? Let us try to demystify it.

A Complex System of Choices and Consequences

You cannot be the good guy. Whatever you do, the world will be unhappy with it. You help a spirit, a village suffers, you don’t help a spirit, children suffer. It is a complex game where the choices you make at the start and the order you do quests reflects on the later game, specifically the dialog and what Geralt says and how he interacts with the world around him.

Choices matter, but sometimes, your choices lead to things people will be unhappy with. The lesson behind this is that you can’t please everybody, and that people will always have their own preferences. It also fits perfectly with the dark world of the Witcher universe.

Geralt is a Great Character

With all the hmms of Henry Cavill, people who haven’t played the games or read the books consider Geralt to be a relatively silent character. However, in the Witcher III, he is pretty talkative, and can be ridiculously witty, using his dry humor to make us laugh or annoy the in-game characters.

Geralt is also a character of his own, not somebody you can really re-shape much. Unlike other RPG-s, where your character can do everything, Geralt is more or less always Geralt, which is a great thing.

The Atmosphere – Graphics and Music Equals Great Storytelling

Not all games have great storytelling. Take most modern Assassin’s Creed games where you go on fetch quests most of the time, and grind by defeating enemies. In the Witcher III, the camera angles and music can turn a silly quest such as getting an old lady’s frying pan into an unforgettable experience.

The score is a piece of work of its own, up there with some of the greatest game soundtracks like those of the Elder Scrolls, Zelda, Chrono Trigger, NieR Automata.

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt is a very memorable game, so much so that people prefer it years later over more modern releases from the same company (looking at you, Cyberpunk 2077).

It has many things going for it, from the soundtrack, the visuals, the storytelling and all the minute details which gamers appreciate.

Best PS5 Games of 2021

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The much-anticipated launch of PS5 created a lot of hype for console fans in 2020. Sony has met the expectations and delivered outstanding gaming experiences. Millions of fans enjoy other forms of entertainment such as watching movies, shows, or gambling. However, they were eager to get their hands on several exciting PS5 titles.

There are plenty of games available. Keep reading to discover the best PS5 games of 2021. 

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Marvel’s Spider-Man was a total hit on PS4.

Miles Morales is the perfect continuation to the series with a great storyline. Miles goes through a similar experience as Peter Parker and gets the amazing Spider-Man abilities. With Peter Parker away, Miles has to find a way to protect the city on his own. The storyline’s unique and exciting.

With over 6.5 million units sold, it’s evident that the game’s more than entertaining. Stunning visuals keep players engaged with ray-tracing enabled while everything’s running smoothly at 60 frames per second at 4K resolution.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed is a popular game series counting over 15 standalone and spin-off titles that explore different times. Valhalla explores the Viking era during the invasion of Britain. The storyline is set in 873 AD. You follow Eivor’s storyline as he gets in the middle of the Templar Order versus Brotherhood of Assassins conflict.

The open world provides plenty of exploration and counts numerous missions and other activities. Aside from a great story, you’ll find fantastic gameplay featuring interesting mechanics. Assassin’s Creed always featured breathtaking graphics, and like its predecessors, Valhalla delivers immersive graphics.

If you’re a fan of the franchise, you’ve probably already experienced this title. If not, it should be on your wishlist.

Astro’s Playroom

Astro’s Playroom is the perfect game for those who enjoy playing platformers. The best part is that you won’t have to break a dime, as the game comes preinstalled on every Sony.

Despite being only 6-hour long, the game features a unique style and is extremely fun.

You’re playing as Astro, a little robot who explores different worlds. The game takes you through areas that are parts of the PS5 system. On top of that, you’ll get to see the ins and outs of the controller. Different game parts will teach you about the unique DualSense controller features.

As your character jumps into different suits while you play, you’ll rely on various controller functionalities, helping you figure out everything about the controller.

Demon’s Souls

Demon’s Souls is a popular PS3 game well known for its difficulty. If you’re looking for a challenge while sitting on your sofa, you’ll find it with this game. The remake for PS5 comes with incredible graphics that immerses players into the dark world of Boletaria.

You’re the hero who’s going to save the realm from the Old One, an immensely strong being that wants to devour the world. Enter the Deep Fog to find the boss and obliterate him once and for all.

Why Are Simulator Games so Popular Today?

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Video games are developing at a very fast rate. They have been since their mainstream adoption in the 1980s. The 90s were a golden age of video games and once the early years of 3D gaming passed, the 2010s became even better.

Genres come and go in terms of popularity. They never disappear, it is just that audiences simply love some genres of gaming more than others. In recent years, simulator games have become much more popular. Here are the reasons why.

We Need Something Better

Our lives have been a bit more difficult in the recent two years. People have suffered from a global pandemic, so with that, simulators come as a great way to experience something new. You wanted to farm, now you can, without actually breaking any laws and going outside from your apartment in the center of a metropolis.

Being locked in an apartment or house has tried many people’s patience and their daily habits as well as willpower, and some found it easier to cope with the said situation by simply playing simulator games.

A Realistic Experience of a Treasured Goal

What if you wanted to fly a plane but were too far off from it, financially, health-wise, or for any other reason? Well, then it seems like a logical set of events to download a flight simulator, preferably a realistic one, and dive straight into the world of flying planes. This goes for any other thing you might have wanted to try, from sports to farming and even building a city. If you cannot do it in real life, why not play a simulator game?

Becoming the Director of Your Own Movie

While it is unlikely that directors will be playing simulator games, one could indeed become a metaphorical director by playing simulator games. Organize a city, to the smallest detail. Make the people do your bidding, make the guards be lenient, enforce hygiene laws, be the ultimate dictator. Or, you can simply have a thriving city and be hailed as one of the greatest leaders ever. 

It is not that often that people can get an experience of managing anything on a larger scale. Simulator games are a great way to dive into that experience and see what it would be like to be responsible for more than just eating three times a day.

They Are Fun

This is an answer that could suffice for any genre of video games. Simulators are fun like any other video game. Some have amazing gameplay, others will immerse you in an experience so deeply that you might forget to get up for hours on end. 

Having fun is essential in these trying times and with simulator games, people can even get immersed in an experience which they wanted for a long time.

Iconic Games from the 1990s

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Those who remember the 1990s, know just how glorious that decade was, especially when it comes to gaming and epic video game titles. Even though arcade games were already a big thing in the ‘80s, this only opened the door for home consoles and epic games that came out in the ‘90s.

Nowadays, things are very different than in that era. Firstly, both the graphics and the mechanics of the games improved immensely, which makes the games we play today way more engaging than the ones we played back in the day. Additionally, we also have a wider range of games available to us that are only just a few clicks away. From RPG to online casino games, people can access different genres within seconds. While some choose to check out the LeoVegas Sign Up Offer, others will join platforms such as Steam or PS Store and opt for one of the many titles available there. And even though players didn’t have such an extensive choice in the ‘90s, some of the most epic games in the history of gaming were made in that decade. And in this article, we’ll take a look at some of those titles.

Super Mario 64

In 1997, the Super Mario franchise changed the gaming world for good. Unlike many other titles released in this decade, Super Mario 64 made it possible for players to discover the pleasure of playing on what is to become the model for all future 3D games. This title was filled with jumping and running on polygonal terrains. And just like that, the gaming world was changed for good. 


What Half-Life did that no other game had done before is to place the player in the shoes of a completely relatable character that needs to rely on his survival skills to get out of the impossible situation set before him. This first-person shooter changed the way that this genre told the story to the player. Meaning that they relied more on the power of context and player’s intuitiveness on understanding what is happening around them than on telling the players everything in the form of a movie. 

Sonic the Hedgehog

In an era when each console had its trademark superhero, Sega was missing one. And in 1991 they got it, and in a form of the most unexpected character. No one could have thought that a hedgehog could be this popular, but when Hirokazu Yasuhara and Yuji Naka joined forces, they managed to make it happen – Sonic the Hedgehog was born. This little blue character could run extremely fast and jump even higher, and he was everything that the ‘90s kids wanted him to be. Energetic, rebellious, and adventurous. 

Street Fighter II

When Street Fighter II was released in 1992 for SNES, it was an absolute dream come true for all devoted gamers at the time. Mostly because it enabled them to choose one of the many characters to fight against one other player. The world was introduced to Chun-Li, Ken, and Ryu and their many famous kicks and punches. 

Resident Evil

To this day, Resident Evil remains one of the best horror games that has ever been made. This game had it all – puzzles, movie-like feel, physiological elements, and extraordinary graphics, especially for 1996.

Top Movies of 2021 That You Must Watch

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Believe it or not but we are already more than halfway through 2021. In comparison to the year behind us, this one has given us at least some opportunity to go to the movies and see some of the major blockbusters that we were all waiting for. But no one can deny the fact that many movies that we have discovered on streaming services are some of the best that we have seen in a long, long while.

Below you can find out what are the movies that were released in the first half of 2021 and that are totally worth your time. 

Fast & Furious 9

The Fast & Furious saga never seems to disappoint its fans, and just when you thought we’ve seen it all, they will prove you wrong in their next release. For those who like Fast & Furious movies, there is nothing as entertaining as seeing Dom Toretto fight the bad guys. And it might have started as a series of movies where it was all about the skillful drivers, but now we can see the main characters fighting organized crime and evil forces that could threaten entire cities or even nations. If you are ready for mega-magnets, family secrets, and even some resurrection (not that we haven’t seen this before in F&F movies), then you should definitely watch the latest installment of this saga.

The Father

No one ever doubted that the Oscar-winning Anthony Hopkins can’t make yet another masterpiece that will stick with its audience for a long time. The Father is a powerful movie that tells a story about an old man who suffers from dementia, and all the hardships that he goes through because of his condition. If you’re trying to find a movie that will relax you or make you laugh then “The Father” isn’t for you. But if you are looking for an Academy-winning performance that will pull you deep into the character, then this is the movie to opt for. 

Black Widow

Marvel and Avengers fans are both rejoiced and saddened about this latest Black Widow movie. Firstly, the fans are happy since they get to see Natasha Romanoff’s story. On the other hand, it is still a fresh wound because of the way that the Avengers: Endgame ended. Moreover, Marvel fans know that they are watching the very last releases that will star the Original Avengers, and that is definitely what gives this movie a bitter-sweet feeling.

However, after the many intergalactic battles and fighting off the end of days, this movie is more down-to-earth and focused on the hero’s own skills. 

Promising Young Woman

Starring Carey Mulligan, comes the long-awaited “Promising Young Woman” movie that seems to be speaking to the female audience and the many issues that the “Me Too” movement is dealing with. This is a movie about the rage and grief of women who suffer from great injustices around the world. It also talks about the consequences of those injustices and how people learn to live with them.