Windows phone: is online gambling appropriate?

Yes it is! And before we dive in the article and present you with our suggestions, we’re super excited and we’d like to share with you a super fast tip: use this borgata casino bonus code 2016 to get the coolest betting offers! And now back to our story.

It’s just super fun and accessible to gamble online on your mobile gadget. Grab your favorite online casino today and enjoy the fun. Here are some suggestions:

PocketWin Casino


This is a UK based casino and it features slots (exclusive to PocketWin players), roulette, blackjack and jacks or better video poker games that are compatible to all Windows Phones. Player get £5 free without any deposit needed.

Casino Luck


Compatible with your Windows Phone, Casino Luck features a wide collection of slot games. It has many promotions and free spins for players who make a deposit and for those who don’t.

Guts Slots


Exclusive 10 free spins with no deposit needed offer is available at Guts Slots. This casino features instant play, no download needed.



NextCasino for Windows Phone should be the next casino to try. Players get exclusive 25 free spins with no deposit needed, and many other cool promotions and bonuses.

Red Slots Casino


Players who pick Red Slots Casino will get $/€3 free without any deposit requirement. First deposit though will be rewarded with a bonus of 100% up to $/€250. Also, the casino offers many reload bonuses for all players on a regular basis. Wow!

We Are Back!

We are very excited to welcome you to our brand new relaunched Wicked Pissah Games! We will be active and post super useful and updated information about all the ”really awesome” games, android and iOS games, and other interesting and fun posts. We’re back on track and ready to keep you entertained.

Most Popular Mochi Ad Games

Emanuale Feronato has posted a list of the most popular games on the Mochi Ad network. I’m not sure exactly where this list came from, but Wicked Pissah’s games are there at #283 (Gravity Pods) and #330 (Pile O’Bubbles).
See the full list here:

New Game! Pile O’Bubbles

 Here’s game number two for Wicked Pissah Games!


Pile O’Bubbles is part puzzle, part action, part strategy. You start with a couple of blue bubbles connected by an elastic thread, resting on a bed of small green bubbles. Your job is to get one of the blue bubbles into the blue target area. You do this by inflating the green bubbles to lift the blue ones up.

Sounds easy enough. But did you ever try to control a pile of bubbles? Pile them up, avoid the various obstacles, and make it to the target to complete each level.

Gravity Pods 2.0 Level Editor Preview

One of the most requested features for Gravity Pods 2.0 is a level editor so people can create their own levels, or just make setups to fool around with. This is something I had in mind from the start, but it is quite an involved project, so all the levels for the first version were created by hand-editing xml files. But a visual editor is definitely in store for version 2.0. Here’s a preview of it in action:

As you can see, there are already a couple other new features, such as a movable gun, and the ability to aim the gun using the mouse (probably the second biggest feature request). Still lots of work to do, such as the placing of the target and the various fixed pods. There will even be new types of pods, and … other things in there.

I’ll actually be using this editor to create all the levels for version 2.0, and hope to even have many of the levels created by someone(s) other than me. So if you are interested, let me know, and when things are further along, maybe you can help out. It’s also totally my intention to release the editor so others can make their own levels to play themselves or share with others. Hopefully we’ll get some kind of system up here so you can upload your levels and share them with the world. Voting, contests, prizes, who knows?